I ask a lot of questions on Twitter, for example, ‘what’s the most outside your remit thing you’ve had to teach in the ELT classroom?’ (answers included ‘the legal side of a petrochemical refinery’ and ‘mudlogging’ *shrug emoji*) and ‘what’s in your teaching bag?’ (answers included blu tac, dice, paperclips and obviously fly swatters).

Recently, I asked if an ELT book club existed on Twitter. I asked because I’d like to do a little bit more reading, just one ELT-related book or article a month to get me thinking. Lots of people seemed to like the idea! I suppose doing something with a big group not only encourages connections with people within the community, but it makes us a bit more accountable and more likely to read, even if we secretly just read the first chapter and the conclusion. #nojudgement

So, what’s out there? Turns out there’s plenty for you to get your teeth stuck into.

There’s a fully up and running book club at #EllChat_BkClub. Have a look at the blog here (http://ellchatbkclub.blogspot.com/) where there’s a great introductory video. Follow Katie on Twitter (handle: Topple_ELD) – her pinned tweet has details about the book and which pages to read that week. You can tweet your answers to weekly questions and chat to other readers throughout the month.

There’s another book club at #EdLitChat with a blog here (http://edlitchat.pbworks.com/w/page/124131897/EdLitChat%3A%20a%20book%20club%20for%20educators) although there hasn’t been an update since the end of October. It might be worth keeping an eye on.

IATEFLResig has regular online discussions based on open-access articles, which might be too specialised for general EFL but could be right up your street depending on your interests.

I was also sent a lot of information and links to sites and hashtags that don’t seem to have been used or updated recently. Despite this, there seems to be a lot of demand out there for easy-access, drop-in if you feel like it, book chats. Have a look at the pages I’ve suggested! We could always use the #eltbookclub hashtag as a place to share/recommend books you’ve enjoyed, even if we don’t read and talk about them together. Let me know your thoughts.

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