Hello – Is it ELT you’re looking for?

I’m very cautiously writing this, my first foray into the world of blogging. It’s come about as lately I’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps and overwhelmed. I finished my Delta in 2018 and since then, I’ve felt very ‘WHAT NEXT?’ – I’ve not really done much (any) reading or consciously tried to develop my skills.

The online ELT community is a fantastic resource for discovering new teaching tips, techniques and research. There are lots of bloggers and writers out there, whose pieces are insightful and interesting. New books are published all the time by leading experts. Instead of being excited about everything there is to learn, it’s made me really feel out of my depth – I don’t know where to start. I’m not sure what my areas of interest are, so I can’t even pick the things I like. This blog is to help me, and others like me, do a little bit of personal development in bite-size, easy to digest chunks.

Initially, I hope to work with lots of people in this wonderful community and compile a regular update of who’s done what, what’s going on where and how to join in. If you have a blog post to share, an event coming up (in real life or online!) or would like to connect with like-minded teachers, whether you’re a lazy TEFLer like me or a lifelong TEFLholic, get in touch (on Twitter: jennifoggteach) or through the comments section of this blog.

And about me? Most of my teaching has been in private language schools in the UK as well as a fantastic international summer school, who I’ve worked with for the last 5 summers. I don’t teach anymore, but I’m involved in an exciting project which I’ll share with you soon. I’d like to ‘keep my hand in’ – keep learning and keep up with new developments in the industry as I’m sure I won’t be out of the classroom forever.


4 thoughts on “Hello – Is it ELT you’re looking for?

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I know what you mean by feeling out of your depth. So much to read, learn and reflect on! I’ve not been teaching for a while and currently looking for work while trying to brush on the theory side of things because I think I’ve forgotten everything. I also failed my Delta 1 in the summer so putting that on the back burner for now. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for through blogging. It’s a great way to reflect on everything and if people read and respond, even better!

    Feel proud of what you have achieved and are about to embark on! Who says you need to specialise anyway?

    Good luck with the blog!

    A new follower 🙂


    1. Thanks, Hannah! Thanks for your lovely, supportive message. The more people I speak to, the more it seems everyone feels this way. It’d be great for Directors in schools or even Delta tutors themselves to address these worries during the course – “You’re gonna feel smacked in the face with everything you just don’t know when you come out the other side!”
      Reflection is the key word and something I’m lacking – life just gets in the way sometimes!

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      1. Apologies for spelling your name wrong!


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